The Backbone of Online Fundraising

If you are comparing online donations and email send dates you are probably noticing an interesting trend—the two are intricately tied together. Email is your online fundraising backbone—accounting for around 26 percent of online revenue at most organizations. However, the size of your email file has a direct relationship with your ability to fundraise on this channel. For every 1,000 fundraising messages sent, organizations typically receive $42 back in donations.*

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Ask This Question To Improve Your Fundraising Results

Are you taking your first steps toward establishing your 2019 fundraising goals? Your success can likely be found in your data and more importantly, what it might be telling you. It’s easy to get tangled in the weeds when analyzing your data, so we suggest that you start with a high-level look at your results, then ask yourself, “why?”

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Raise The Bar On Your Multi-Channel Fundraising

Is print communication on its way out? Are you chasing what’s new in digital and social media, but can’t catch up? Do you feel pressure to build multi-channel fundraising strategies with limited resources? Invest 60 minutes and you will leave with practical tips you can implement now to improve effectiveness, inspire supporters, and boost results.

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