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Whether you need to increase donations, broaden your donor base or want to inspire action among your supporters, Douglas Shaw & Associates understands what inspires generosity. We bring the truth of your good work to life, using the right channels and creative to tell your story.

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Welcome to The Hope Center!
Douglas Shaw & Associates is pleased to link arms with The Hope Center as they grow to meet their goals in 2018 and beyond.
Direct Response Fundraising Killers—Don’t Let Them Get YOU!
Direct Response Fundraising Killers—Don’t Let Them Get YOU!
Join us on May 16th at 12:00 pm CDT for a FREE webinar that will expose the most common killers of direct response success and the steps you can take to avoid getting caught.
Summer Slump? Try an Integrated Campaign!
Summer Slump? Try an Integrated Campaign!
We often hear clients use the words “Summer Slump,” a term they use to describe what can be a difficult time of year to fundraise successfully. With school out, people on vacation, and good weather, donors can be distracted, and supporting your organization’s cause may not always be top of mind. But summer doesn’t have to be a time when you’re barely meeting your budget.
Get Lapsed Donors Back
It’s A Good Time To Get Your Donors Back
If it’s been a while since Sally A. Sample sent you a financial gift, don’t assume she’s forgotten about you altogether. Sally is what you call a lapsed donor, and the potentially quieter summer months ahead of us might be a good time to start figuring out how to get those lapsed donors back. Generally speaking, lapsed donors haven’t made a financial gift of any kind in more than 12 months.
Prepare Your Data For Summer Success
Prepare Your Data For Summer Success
As you approach the summer months, traditionally a season of reduced giving, get ahead of the curve and make sure your data is performing the way it should be.
quality development program
Rule #7: The Only Thing That Matters Is, "Does It Work?"
Building a quality development program can take several years to complete. I’ve found that it doesn’t come overnight and there are few shortcuts, if any. Mostly it’s learning the tricks of the trade, using the right tools, and serving in the apprenticeship of time. It also requires having the ability to see the potential of something that perhaps others can’t see.
Keep Your Major Donor Relationships Sizzling
Keep Your Major Donor Relationships Sizzling
Your mid-major donors responded very well at calendar year-end, as well as the first few months of 2018. But what should you do to keep them from cutting back during the very critical summer months? The answer is to give them special treatment now, so they feel really appreciated and that they are a critical part of your ministry. Even though mid-major donors can be classified differently from organization to organization, they should all be treated in the same way. Your extra effort will keep your ministry “top of mind” as you move into the summer months and encourage them to continue giving.
Inside This Issue April 2018
Inside this issue: How to Grow Your Summer Fundraising
In this issue of Donor Focus we will be considering why this is exactly the right time of year to be finalizing your summer fundraising strategies . . . while you still have time
Why I #Proclaim18
While the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) conference has changed over the past 30 years (that’s how long I’ve been attending), one benefit has remained consistent . . .
From the Floor: Our Report from the 2018 NRB Convention
The mood at this year’s convention is a reflective one as we remember the legacy of Billy Graham—possibly the greatest Christian broadcaster of all time—after his recent passing. His lifelong dedication to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ...

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