We will work tirelessly to bring you outstanding results and be a real partner in your organization. We promise to always respect your experiences, strive to exceed your expectations, and collaborate with your expertise . . . because that’s what a partner does. We will create winning direct response strategies, just for you, and together we’ll celebrate the greatest results possible.

The Tools You Need to Get a Donor's Attention

We’ve built our entire practice on creating the right mix of touchpoints that help ministries and nonprofits connect with people who are seeking a way to be a part of their good work.

Douglas Shaw & Associates puts a priority on data science and understanding what your donors are telling you.

Strategy is at the core of what truly sets Douglas Shaw & Associates apart. Custom built for every ministry or mission we serve, our direct response strategies are well known for delivering great results.

At Douglas Shaw & Associates, we are passionate about creativity, always thinking outside the box, and testing the results, to bring you outstanding results.

The analytics that Douglas Shaw & Associates offer provide you with unique reporting opportunities that allow you to target your donors, and potential donors, more effectively.

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