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Whether you need to increase donations, broaden your donor base or want to inspire action among your supporters, Douglas Shaw & Associates understands what inspires generosity. We bring the truth of your good work to life, using the right channels and creative to tell your story.

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What is Right With the World
Today, one thing I CAN do is smile and give thanks this special season for being able to serve ...
Inside this Issue: Closing the Gap
You may have already ended your fiscal year, but in Judeo-Christian cultures we are clearly on the doorstep to “the giving season.” That is why this issue of Donor Focus is committed to helping you finish the calendar year well.
Execute the Perfect Money Bomb!
The end of the year is so close, you can almost smell the burnt debris from the fireworks and you’re still sweeping up the confetti. But it’s not so close that you don’t have enough time to drop the perfect Money Bomb.
Setting Your Sights on Facebook
Did you know that you can put a message in front of the same donors online that you are reaching through direct mail?
“It’s the end of the year and we’re behind budget—what can we do?”
It looks like you’re not going to meet the year-end budget. Don’t let the panic consume you, the tools for a successful year-end campaign are available.
Major Donors Love to Give at Year-End!
Here’s a great opportunity for you to significantly boost your income before the calendar changes to January 2018. It is relatively inexpensive for the amount of money it raises and ANYBODY can do it.
Taking Your Homepage by Storm
The last week of 2017 typically sees about 48% of an organization’s December donations. For many of the clients we serve, that can amount to 25% of their annual budget for the year.
Upcoming Webinar: Digital Acquisition Done Right!
There’s never been a better time to connect with your future donors in the digital channels. Discover how organizations like yours are harnessing the power of digital advertising to maximize their donor acquisition—even on a tight budget.
RULE #39: Speed counts!
This rule is one that I actually enjoy. Anybody who really knows me wouldn’t be surprised by this at all. I’m always in a hurry! If I could, I’d have everything done yesterday!
Pick Up the Phone: Year-End Fundraising Strategy that Just Works
Outbound telemarketing must be considered as a key part of your strategy. Yes, some say it no longer works, but that’s not true. Properly executed, telemarketing not only generates significant net revenue...

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Through a coordinated multichannel campaign and a consistent message, we can move donors from interest to action using a wide range of media.


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For 22 years, Douglas Shaw & Associates has helped nonprofits and ministries fund their future. Let us show you how we can reach your donors’ hearts and help you change lives.