Leadership Team

Doug Shaw

Douglas K. Shaw


Doug provides vision, leadership, and strategic thinking to an exceptionally talented group of professionals committed to being a part of what is right with the world through Douglas Shaw & Associates and the nonprofit organizations they’re privileged to serve.

He has been involved in raising hundreds of millions of dollars for more than 300 nonprofit organizations and ministries. During this time he has had the honor to create and conduct special events with entertainment and political celebrities such as George and Barbara Bush, James and Susan Baker, former Chaplain of the Senate Lloyd Ogilvie, Art Linkletter, and former U.S. Congressman J.C. Watt. He has produced radio and television commercials with President Ronald Reagan.

He is a graduate of both Simpson University (B.A. in History) and Fuller Seminary (M.A. in Theology).

Doug enjoys boating, flyfishing and writing.  He is the author of three books, The Rules of Fundraising, More Rules of Fundraising and The Six Essentials of Rapidly Growing Nonprofits.

Graham Shaw

Graham Shaw

Chief Operations Officer

Graham is a highly relational problem solver who oversees the client services, creative, data and analytics, digital, and production teams. He partners with our client services, marketing, and sales teams to provide thought leadership and strategic insights, and he collaborates within Douglas Shaw & Associates to ensure all strategic communications become a reality. Within the fundraising industry, Graham also serves as a seminar leader and primary representative of Douglas Shaw & Associates at nonprofit conferences across the country.

Graham has an uncanny ability to provide cost savings to our clients through his excellent negotiation skills, and he spearheads the use of state-of-the-art tools to manage millions of communications, while also managing multiple internal and external client partners and vendor relationships. He regularly collaborates with each client to help innovate what Douglas Shaw & Associates is doing on their behalf.

Graham loves contributing to the positive impact our clients are making worldwide. One of his favorite aspects of his role is visiting clients and seeing firsthand the life-changing work of their mission. Additionally, his knowledge of our clients, blended with the expertise in testing and developing innovative communications, has increased client revenue and donor engagement exponentially.

Graham finds great joy pouring into his staff, personally and professionally, by cultivating growth opportunities and creating custom positions to see each member thrive within the company. His steadfast, heartfelt leadership contributes to the positive culture and proven effectiveness of Douglas Shaw & Associates.

Amy Sewell

Amy Sewell

Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions

Amy leads our full-service digital team and drives all strategy, data, and development for digital projects at Douglas Shaw & Associates. She works to ensure client goals are consistently met—and she starts by listening to their unique needs.

Amy is a quick thinker with an unparalleled knack for problem-solving, which makes her a force in overcoming technological hurdles in the ever-changing landscape of the digital world. Solutions-driven and with a big heart to serve, Amy helps strategize, test, and execute cohesive campaigns across all digital platforms, drastically expanding our clients’ reach and accessibility for exponential growth in donor giving and engagement.

Amy’s career started in the for-profit world, but she soon felt a strong pull to do work that directly helps other people. Even now, having helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars for many organizations, Amy is recruited worldwide to share key insights on a variety of digital solutions. And while she joyfully shares her wisdom, what brings her the most joy is seeing outcomes of the transformative work our clients do each day.

Aubrey Hoeppner

Aubrey Hoeppner

Vice President, Client Services

Aubrey’s relational and communication gifts allow her to build strong, meaningful relationships with our client partners at Douglas Shaw & Associates. With high attention to detail, a gift for data analytics, and a strong listening ear, Aubrey thrives as a client team lead and works with our clients’ development and program teams to successfully weave together financial needs with personal stories that stir donors’ hearts.

Before coming to Douglas Shaw & Associates, Aubrey pursued an education in intercultural communications and international studies, just before heading overseas to teach English at a high school level. It was during this time her passion to bridge relationships, overcome cultural divides, and tirelessly serve to meet needs globally was ignited.

Aubrey’s drive and commitment to serve alongside clients of diverse backgrounds, missions, and perspectives is still evident today as she leads strategy, extensive testing within cultivation and to give our clients the data they need to reach the right donors with the right message at the right time.

Charlotte Barry

Charlotte Barry

Client Operations Manager, Client Services

Charlotte’s passion for productivity and her intuitive sense of time management make her a true asset to Douglas Shaw & Associates. With a gift for relationship building and quick problem-solving, she joyfully leads our project management staff, equipping each team member with the tools they need to make sure every multichannel campaign is executed on time, on strategy, and on brand for the organizations we serve.

Charlotte came to Douglas Shaw & Associates with a background in marketing, sales, and project management. Years later, after thriving in various positions on our client services team, she has shown a distinct intuition for what it takes to deliver high-quality service to our clients—from goal-setting to strategic development to process details.

Charlotte plays an integral role in onboarding new clients for a seamless transition, ensuring highly collaborative and consistent communication are at the foundation of this new partnership. With a desire to represent each of our clients well, and a drive for cohesive interdepartmental partnerships, Charlotte strives for nothing less than excellence and efficiency each day.

Chuck Wolf

Chuck Wolf, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) registered and licensed in the State of Illinois, Chuck brings 30+ years of extensive experience in establishing effective and efficient administrative processes, systems, and financial controls within the marketing service sector.

He takes a collaborative approach in his leadership of the finance team to deliver clear financial analysis, operational efficiencies, and budgeting resources necessary to achieve sustainable outcomes and long-term success for the organizations we serve.

After serving in corporations with thousands of employees, Chuck truly enjoys the more familial culture of Douglas Shaw & Associates. He is passionate about building healthy community—in and outside of his work here—and he works diligently to empower those around him, believing that each person has within them the ability to make an impact.

Keith Cleghorn

Keith Cleghorn

Executive Vice President of Client Services

Keith is a deliberate and analytical thinker who has a keen ability to see patterns where others may only see complexity. Strong in active listening, insightful analysis, and building tactical plans for implementation, Keith leads our client services department, helping the organizations we serve achieve unprecedented growth in high-value donors and record-level revenue numbers.

At Douglas Shaw & Associates, he serves as a senior strategist and data analyst, partnering with organizations to first understand their challenges before identifying and implementing unique solutions. Applying the best of direct response art and science, Keith combines proven, tried and true methods with innovative, out-of-the-box thinking for breakthrough results.

Julianne Donnelly (2)

Julianne Donnelly

Director of Production Services

As the head of production services, Julianne, a skilled project manager with a sharp eye for detail, guides every print project through the production process—offering key leadership and oversight from inception to completion.

Experienced in interactive fundraising, marketing, and printing services, she understands the priorities driven by big picture strategy and sees patterns in how a myriad of details fit together. As such, she’s able to liaise effectively between internal and external partners to articulate each project’s objective and needs for successful product execution.

Julianne’s diligence and relational communication with vendors has provided Douglas Shaw & Associates’ clients with millions of dollars in fundraising revenue. Her proven track record in production services has been instrumental to our team in furthering the missions of our clients through effective fundraising materials.

Mark Mangin

Mark Mangin

Senior Vice President of Data and Analytics

With a sharp mind for information and numbers, Mark leads a driven and committed team of data scientists and analysts at Douglas Shaw & Associates. He uses his problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in deciphering client data and audiences to effectively determine what is or isn’t working.

The findings of his team are at the very core of strategic development and implementation, drawing clear paths—via testing and retesting—for consistent growth and fundraising success for each of our clients. Mark has also spearheaded the implementation of new segmentation techniques and devised new, innovative methods of results analysis, which have directly led to acquiring hundreds of thousands of new donors for the organizations we serve.

Mark’s heart for ministry was nurtured in the Philippines where he grew up the youngest child of church-planting missionaries. Each day, he carries that same passion into his work at Douglas Shaw & Associates, and he enjoys the diversity in the organizations he feels privileged to serve.

Pam Snyders

Pam Snyders

Executive Assistant

Pam’s heart for hospitality is felt across our staff and by all who visit us at Douglas Shaw & Associates. Not only does Pam serve to fulfill the administrative needs of our leadership team, she also assists with companywide and client administration.

Pam plays a significant role in cultivating an environment that reflects the core values of Douglas Shaw & Associates. She extends that same heart of service, warmth, and generosity to the partners we work with, ensuring all clients are cared for, have the resources they need—and have plenty of opportunities to sample Chicagoland’s best fare!

Beyond hospitality, Pam is instrumental to keeping daily operations running smoothly, both internally and with our client partners. She also ensures Douglas Shaw & Associates and our clients are in full compliance with all local regulations. Additionally, Pam assists Human Resources with interviewing candidates and onboarding new employees, setting new team members up for long-term success and integration.

Pam’s background in support roles has equipped her to effectively manage a myriad of day-to-day operations, but above all, it is her unwavering joy and servant-like attitude that makes her such a vital member of the team.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Senior Creative Director

Robert is a visual artist and storyteller who has worked to successfully build strong brands and messaging for direct response fundraising. At Douglas Shaw & Associates, he enjoys leading the creative team to produce compelling copy and thoughtful designs for multi-channel fundraising campaigns.

He’s been successful through various mediums—including print, digital, broadcast, and streaming media. With experience in leading marketing and communication teams, Robert has developed and delivered high-quality, creative solutions—in both editorial and fundraising contexts—that capture people’s hearts, generate response, and has garnered multiple awards.

In collaboration with our clients and internal teams, and with a unique ability to visually communicate the value and importance of the needs our clients meet, Robert effectively connects donors to the heart of our clients’ missions by ensuring donors never lose sight of the impact they’re making. Staying connected at every level of creative development for the benefit of drawing people to the great work of our clients is what keeps Robert motivated and inspired at Douglas Shaw & Associates, knowing every effort leads to lives being radically changed around the world.

Wiley Stinnett (3)

Wiley Stinnett

Senior Vice President for Strategic Insights

All strategy at Douglas Shaw & Associates is guided and influenced by Wiley and his long-standing wisdom of effective fundraising practices. His decades of highly successful direct response fundraising provide our clients with an abundance of proven strategic insights that yield exceptional results. And after many years of serving in ministries and nonprofits, Wiley brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience that gives a perspective that only history can offer.

Believing fully in a multi-channel approach to fundraising, Wiley provides strategic direction on effectively leveraging direct mail, web, digital, radio, television, and events to maximize growth and revenue for all Douglas Shaw & Associates clients. Wiley also has a gift for the creative, leading a robust creative team to ensure each client is well represented in all direct response communications.

As a highly respected and sought-after consultant, Wiley has the heart of a teacher and enjoys sharing his milestones (and mistakes) to position teams to make wise decisions for long-term, sustainable growth. He’s helped raise millions upon millions of dollars for worthwhile causes around the globe, and he continues to prove to be a one-of-a-kind, world-class, direct response fundraising strategist and educator.