The Tools You Need to Get a Donor’s Attention

At Douglas Shaw & Associates, we’ve built our entire practice on creating the right mix of touchpoints that help ministries and nonprofits connect with people who are seeking a way to be a part of their good work.

Through a coordinated multichannel campaign and a consistent message, we can move donors from interest to action using a wide range of media.

Direct Mail

A tangible, tactile request brought to your doorstep, direct mail fundraising has been changing lives for more than a century. Douglas Shaw & Associates understands the power of the printed word and the instant connection a letter brings. 

Over the years, we have crafted thousands of donor-cultivation programs – no two the same – each designed to bring life to a specific vision and inspire generosity to fund the goal.   

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The Digital Solutions team shapes and informs communications custom to your donor base, tracking and analyzing how your users interact with your organization’s online channels.

This information is then implemented into website designs, donation pages, digital campaigns, and social media strategies to acquire, engage, retain, and activate your donors online.

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From the earliest days of humankind, the power of a voice was at the center of every story, communicating emotion and truth with a human heart.  Today, through radio and TV, a nonprofit can come to life for a donor through the power of a broadcast. We can take your donors inside your mission, to churches in Africa, or to the clinics and shelters you support.

Douglas Shaw & Associates offers in-house talent sourcing and production capabilities to create a broadcast platform for your message and allow your donors to be moved by the lives you impact every day.

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Data Analysis

Choosing a fundraising partner requires trust. Trust that they can deliver on their promises. Trust that they understand your priorities. And trust to share with them your most valuable resource: your donor list.

A donor list isn’t just an address book.  It represents the lives you touch with your organization and the good you do with your ministry.  Your donors are the fundraising engine that powers the good work you do. 

We evaluate your current donor list to identify trends, issues, growth patterns and opportunities.  It’s the first step in our strategic process that helps us develop a fundraising platform that’s customized to your specific needs.

Data analysis doesn’t stop at the database – we use the information gathered from your campaigns to create real-time feedback that helps us adjust our outreach to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.

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