May 26, 2017 Christa Huff

As a result of our partnership and commitment to these shared goals and strategies—over the past seven years—The Scott Mission has experienced a 235% growth in income and a 320% growth in the number of donors giving each year! And even better news is we’re not done yet . . .

When we began partnering with The Scott Mission, they had an aggressive goal to increase income over the next five years. Together, we met that goal—one year ahead of schedule!

Then we moved to their next priority. The mission had recognized a growing demand for basic services and the urgent need for life transformation programs. So they invited us to “Dream Big” with them—and to find the funding to reach these goals.

As we examine what makes this partnership successful, several points come to mind:

  • We are truly partners . . . we work together to accomplish the shared goal of meeting the financial needs of the mission so the physical/spiritual needs of their community can be met.
  • We are working to meet clearly identified shared goals, tracking progress toward these goals, and making adjustments as necessary.
  • We have outlined clear strategies to meet our shared goals, and a plan of action to achieve them.


  • Cultivating existing donors. This is the foundation upon which their program is built. Our commitment is to ensure The Scott Mission retains current donors and reactivates lapsing donors.
  • Attracting more and better donors. Our commitment is to maintain the database, but also to significantly grow their donor file, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of the Greater Toronto Area. We are continually nurturing quality, high-level, and multi-year donor relationships.
  • Developing/Maintaining a highly customized communication program. To engage donors and enhance the mission’s ties to the local community, their messaging needs to look and feel unique to The Scott Mission and to the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Implementing a data segmentation process. These adjustments allow The Scott Mission to leverage specific donor giving patterns and to communicate on a more intimate level.
  • Utilizing a multi-channel approach to communications. We partnered to create consistent messaging across all channels—digital and print. We have created a seamless experience for donors/prospects that instills a sense of honesty and transparency, no matter the platform used to engage with The Scott Mission.

So . . . How do you want to grow?

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