November 23, 2016 Wiley Stinnett

Douglas Shaw & Associates Client Profile: FEBC Radio Acquisition for 2016

Every ministry needs to meet new people who will encounter the impact of their mission and catch a vision to start giving. There are many opportunities to inspire new acquaintances to become donors, and radio is among the list of successful acquisition channels.

Far East Broadcasting Company ( recently tested one approach to radio acquisition with success. Multiple campaigns featured the sponsorship of non-commercial Christian talk and music stations, both AM and FM. FEBC sponsored the 501(c)3 stations for one month for a set fee.

The radio stations promoted FEBC’s Give-A-Radio offer—give a $30 radio to reach 25 people with the Gospel; they played :30- or :60-second testimonials that explained the offer and they also promoted FEBC through digital channels throughout the month.

The result? About a week after the campaign concluded, donations to FEBC from new donors offset the cost of the radio sponsorship. FEBC had full name and contact information for immediate communication to the newly acquired donors.

Relative to direct mail acquisition, the cost was modest and the number of newly acquired donors was modest, but the break-even was immediate. FEBC is now planning additional campaigns to continue to grow. Subsequently the rate of acquiring a second gift has been encouraging.

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