June 3, 2019 Doug Shaw

As fundraisers, June is a critical month. This is a time to prepare for the execution of your fall 2019 fundraising strategies like, what are you going to test to make your direct response fundraising better?

In this issue of Donor Focus, Jillian Jenkins Mangin and Catalina Chavez have collaborated to bring you an enlightening article: TESTING is always a good idea . . . until it isn’t.

Amy Sewell is dispelling an ugly rumor about digital fundraising! And Wiley Stinnett is back, this time answering a key question: We are looking at changing our branding, will there be any impact on fundraising? His answer may surprise you!

You’ll also be able to see our take on Does Tax Deductibility Really Motivate Giving?

But don’t let all of your work in June deprive you of an opportunity to learn something in July! Be sure and register for our FREE webinar: EMERGING TRENDS IN DIGITAL, DATA, AND DIRECT MAIL on July 17th at 12:00 noon CDT. To register just go to www.douglasshaw.com.

May God grant you wisdom during these critical summer months of preparation for the upcoming fall fundraising season.


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