June 3, 2019 Amy Sewell

Have you heard the rumor that digital is an ineffective fundraising channel? I have—several times. The reality that I see every day in this channel tells a very different story. Your website, email, and social networks are essential tools to building donor relationships. Additionally, these channels can also get great fundraising results for your nonprofit.

The Realities
The latest data* says that the impact of an individual email or social post is dropping. When you look at the combined impact of these messages, though, there’s a different story. Total email revenue increased 24%. On social, one organization I worked with saw a return of over $17 for every $1 spent on a digital donor acquisition.

Combating Fundraising Challenges

1. Fix Your Foundation
Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and FAST. If your site takes too long to load, you may be leaving donations on the table.

2. Provide Quality Content
Your donors need to have a regular reason to pay attention to your messages. Take a look at your content calendar, and make sure there is a balance between messages with a call to donate and ones that show the impact of your organization. Showing changed lives because of the donors’ gifts is a great way to inspire further connection to you and future giving at a higher level.

3. Invest in Network Growth
For every 1,000 subscribers you have on your email file, an organization typically receives $42 in donations.* If you have a very small email file it hinders the amount you are able to fundraise from this critical group. If you find yourself in this situation running a few email acquisition campaigns can help grow your organization’s email file and your ability to raise funds online.

Fundraising through digital channels is not easy. However, the impact these channels have on overall nonprofit fundraising continues to grow. Take a look today at what your organization can do to make a huge difference toward laying the foundation for online growth.

*From the M+R benchmark report

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