October 20, 2017 Amy Sewell

The last week of 2017 typically sees about 48% of an organization’s December donations. For many of the clients we serve, that can amount to 25% of their annual budget for the year.

People are coming to your website to donate—so it’s time to get out of their way so that they can donate already. One of the best ways I’ve seen to do that is through the use of a homepage takeover.


A homepage takeover is a special version of your homepage, used for a short period of time, with the sole purpose of driving donations. This redesigned homepage removes as much friction as possible between users coming to your website to donate and the donation process, by literally putting the means to make a gift front and center.

Here’s what this looks like for an end-of-year push:

  • Start the takeover on December 26th and run it through the 31st
  • Put aside your normal layout and get the donation form itself onto the homepage
  • Give the donor a reason to give and give now with urgent or compelling headline and copy that are related to the year-end impact of their gift beyond the fact that it’s tax deductible
  • Maintain your site navigation for anyone coming to the site for something else


As the year comes to a close, it’s possible that as many as half of the people who visit your website are responding to your many marketing efforts and have come for the single purpose of making a gift. Make it easy for them to give, then thank them promptly with a note of warm thanks for their partnership.

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