May 26, 2017 Amy Sewell

When emergency strikes, you need funds raised . . . and FAST! But, most channels have a natural time delay due to printing, mailing, or producing media. In the digital world, though, you can eliminate that lag time and literally start to mobilize donors right away.

Recently Douglas Shaw & Associates was able to put together an emergency response, single-day campaign for Wycliffe Associates (WA). And just like every good offer, it had to have a compelling story . . .

WA received word from their partners in the field that 50 new Bible translations needed to start immediately. This request kicked off a response that demonstrated true partnership between the team at Douglas Shaw & Associates and the team at WA. While our team at Douglas Shaw & Associates wrote and designed a coordinated communication effort to mobilize donors through email, and new friends via social media, WA built out an optimized donation form and progress bar. In the span of a single day this campaign included:

  • 6 emails
  • 22 social media posts
  • 2 social posts boosted through paid advertising
  • 1 Facebook ad
  • 2 blog posts
  • 2 homepage banners

Before the day ended the original goal of $30,000 was met, and the campaign generated so much excitement that it went on to raise $49,185–63.95% beyond the immediate need!

This type of digital campaign was also a great acquisition source with 33% of the donations coming from new donors. Many of these were already on their email file but had never made a gift—which means a single, urgent campaign was a great motivator to convert interested people into donors! The success of this campaign was truly built on mutual trust and the vision of a common goal.

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