January 11, 2023 Doug Shaw

You have probably spent hours considering the reasons why donors give to organizations like yours . . . and I am sure over your fundraising career, you have discovered multiple answers to this question.

But as we’ve reflected on this, we realize it often comes down to two main reasons—donors give to make good things happen or to stop bad things from happening. This is why it’s so critical that all our fundraising messaging efforts connect deeply with our donors.

A clear, irresistible message—that effectively communicates how your donors can make a specific impact when partnering with you—will keep your donors engaged and excited about the difference they can make in their community or around the world.

In our upcoming webinar, How to Make Your Fundraising Messaging Irresistible, we’ll share strategies you can consider to ensure you are communicating an effective fundraising message that connects with your donors to generate response. We’ll offer ways you can:

  • Evaluate and strengthen your direct response fundraising messaging [the sequence, framework, and structure] and call to action
  • Identify how to optimize your messaging for specific channels
  • Understand which images work well and which don’t
  • See test results that reveal how small changes can drive greater response

I’m sure your preparations for this year are already under way, but I invite you to join us on January 19, 2023 at 12 pm CST as we share insights in strengthening your fundraising messaging to create deep and long-lasting connections with your donors.