December 10, 2019 Doug Shaw

Here we are in December already. And winter is actually upon us!

For those of us engaged in fundraising, we’re about to fold up the chairs of 2019 and get the room ready for 2020. If facing the new year feels like the sun has stopped shining on your current fundraising agency, and the cold winds of disappointing results flutter about your cloak, you won’t want to miss our Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Shelley Cochrane’s article, Before You Send Out That RFP.

I love a good story, especially one that reveals something unexpected. Our Vice President, Client Services, David Wollen sheds some much-needed light in his article, Keys to Building a Monthly Donor Program. And don’t miss, our Associate Creative Director, Nicole Nieves’ piece, Top 5 Ways to Start Your Fundraising Year Off Great!

Lastly, Wiley Stinnett, our beloved Executive Creative Director and Senior Vice President, Strategy and Insights, answers the question, Capitalizing on Special Events, How Do I Make Them Successful?

In my humble opinion, this is one of the very best issues of Donor Focus we’ve published in our 25-year history! It holds so much wisdom that it can take the dread out of winter and warm you with the hope of a new and better year to come!

Our team is happy to help advise you on what strategy may work best for your organization, but you’ll never know unless you try.

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