March 5, 2020 Douglas Shaw & Associates

For many nonprofit organizations, the fall season is considered donor acquisition time.  But let’s take a closer look…

Right now, most nonprofits with a January-December fiscal year are reviewing their fundraising results from 2019 to see how they stack up against what was budgeted for 2020. A significant part of their analysis must include new donor acquisition.

With 2019 donor acquisition results in front of them, the prudent development officer is asking, “How can I make 2020 results even better?”

That’s why our team has put together this issue of Donor Focus! Because NOW is the time to finalize your plans for this year. Very few nonprofits attempt the process of acquiring new donors without the help of highly trusted counsel. If 2019 didn’t live up to your expectations, new counsel with new ideas just might be in order.

Our Client Services Consultant, Jillian Jenkins Mangin, can be of great service to you with her article: Key Metrics for Donor Acquisition. We’ve reserved our centerspread for two people who have some key insights on how you can significantly improve your donor acquisition results—Senior Vice President of Client Services, Keith Cleghorn, and Vice President of Data & Analytics, Mark Mangin, tell you The Truth About Co-Ops.

Our much-beloved Executive Creative Director and Senior Vice President of Strategy and Insights, Wiley Stinnett, answers the tough question: What If I Don’t Have The Funds To Invest In Donor Acquisition? Take a look to learn how.

May 2020 be your best fundraising year ever!

Our team is happy to help advise you on what strategy may work best for your organization, but you’ll never know unless you try.

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