January 17, 2018 Douglas Shaw & Associates

Unleashing God’s truth, one verse at a time, the Grace To You ministry based in southern California uses media to expand the sphere of John MacArthur’s teaching.

Through the daily radio and television broadcasts of Grace To You, John MacArthur’s in-depth Bible teaching ministry helps listeners understand God’s truth for themselves. John MacArthur is also the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley as well as an author, conference speaker, and president of The Master’s University and Seminary.

Since completing his first best-selling book, The Gospel According to Jesus, in 1988, John has written nearly 400 books and Study Guides. The MacArthur Study Bible, the cornerstone resource of his ministry, is available in English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Chinese.

Grace To You radio airs more than 1,000 times daily throughout the English-speaking world and nearly 1,000 times daily in Spanish, reaching 23 countries across Europe and Latin America. Grace To You television airs weekly on DIRECTV in the US and is available on the Internet worldwide. All 3,000 of John’s sermons, spanning more than four decades of ministry, are available by request on the Grace To You website.

It’s a great privilege to partner with Grace To You as they engage their supporters, placing resources into as many hands as possible. As people search for answers to important questions in life, they can turn to Grace To You for a biblical perspective. “Answering the hard questions about forgiveness”, “Fifteen words of hope”, and “How to study your Bible” are just a few of thousands of resources available. We’re excited to serve alongside Grace To You as they grow and expand in 2018 and beyond, engaging millions of people with the life-change power of God’s Word.

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