September 20, 2021 Doug Shaw

Lately, it feels like picking up the phone to call a company for customer service is a lifetime commitment. In fact, I don’t even try to call my local cell phone provider unless I have an afternoon set aside.

Do you ever get the feeling they’re trying to wear you down with terrible, distorted metallic-sounding music—continuously repeating messages about how important your call is? And they keep trying to brush you off by telling you that you’d be better off handling your business with them online.

For me, the reason I’m calling them to begin with is because their websites are filled with so much friction, I can’t even get past those red asterisks that refuse to accept my answers! Sheesh!

The fact is, telephone and online customer service, with the majority of companies, is terrible right now.

This is where your opportunity to shine awaits!

By making your donors’ online experience simple, logical, and easy, it will be so refreshing that they’ll LOVE you for it! And, if they do need to call you, simply answer the phone with a live, friendly, caring voice, and do something that no other company they deal with has been able to do . . . actually solve their problem!

Hopefully this issue of Donor Focus will solve some of your problems, too.

Happy reading!


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