March 19, 2018 Wiley Stinnett

Your mid-major donors responded very well at calendar year-end, as well as the first few months of 2018. But what should you do to keep them from cutting back during the very critical summer months?

The answer is to give them special treatment now, so they feel really appreciated and that they are a critical part of your ministry. Even though mid-major donors can be classified differently from organization to organization, they should all be treated in the same way. Your extra effort will keep your ministry “top of mind” as you move into the summer months and encourage them to continue giving.

Here are four simple ways to share the summer with your mid-major donors:

  1. Start by making a thank-you call to every mid-major donor, both active and lapsed. Yes, every mid-major donor. There should be no ask in the call, but simply let each donor know how much you appreciate their faithful support, and that they play a vital role in making the work of the ministry possible.
  2. If they ask how the ministry is doing since their last gift, just ask them to pray that God will provide the finances needed over the summer, a season in your fundraising when giving usually declines.
  3. Hand-write a note on their receipts, acknowledging how their last gift came at just the right time, both for the ministry and those you serve.
  4. Consider adding a small lift-note to their appeals with a personal message from someone who was impacted by their gift, with a heartfelt thank-you to the donors who made it possible.

Bottom line, don’t let your mid-major donor feel like you are treating them like an ATM! A little extra appreciation now will go a long way.

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