July 16, 2021 Doug Shaw

Maybe when historians look back on today, they’ll think of it as “The Summer of Hope!”

Much of the Western world is opening again—travel and business restrictions are lessening, and everyday pleasures like church, sporting events, theatre, and many other large group activities are finally moving back to normal.

In the fundraising world, we continue to see significant increases in current donors giving, the acquisition of new donors, and—for those with intentional strategies—the retention of new donors who came on board during the height of the pandemic here in North America. We’ll discuss this further in this issue of Donor Focus.

In this issue, you’ll also find some strategic insights for direct response design to help you increase your results. You’ll gain perspective on the use of cryptocurrency in nonprofits, too. And lastly, you’ll be able to preview the topics and presenters for our next FREE webinar: Why Do Donors Quit Giving? 

As you dive in, I hope you find these articles worth your time!


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