May 14, 2020 Douglas Shaw & Associates

In Douglas Shaw & Associates’ recent webinar, we took a look at how you can continue generating donor support in times of crisis, today and going forward—to get the RESULTS you still need.

The good news is, if we apply our learnings from previous major crisis situations, we can confidently say that direct response fundraising will help you get through this!

Of course, a lot of timely information was covered—including live answers to questions from fundraisers like you. But a few quick highlights for your reference include . . .

Continuing your direct response fundraising efforts across all channels, updating your messaging to acknowledge the current situation—and encourage immediate support. This goes hand-in-hand with a full digital plan as the most economical way to engage support—especially in the social media sphere where feedback is instantaneous.

It’s also crucial to understand your supporters’ specific situations during this crisis—particularly major donors who may want to make a significant impact during this challenging time. There are several efficient and effective ways to reach out, including text or conference calls, to keep key donors in the information (and giving) loop.

Bottom line, don’t drop your fundraising or acquisition efforts out of fear or to save money. Instead, adjust your timing and messaging to the conditions—refocus your course of action now and for the days to come.

At Douglas Shaw & Associates, we strive to achieve exceptional results for every project and client by implementing, testing, and strategizing custom creative that works: now—and for the future of your fundraising! So if you’re ready to elevate your fundraising plans to next-level results, reach out to us anytime.

And if you’re interested in more fundraising insights to get your organization the RESULTS you need, let’s get together Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. CDT for our next FREE webinar Eliminate Fundraising Pitfalls in Times of Crisis. Register at

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