July 13, 2018 Wiley Stinnett

Ask Wiley

It is with much excitement that we announce a new column to be regularly featured in this newsletter . . . “Ask Wiley.” In this column, our own Wiley Stinnett, SVP, Executive Creative Director, will tackle issues and questions that come directly from you. In this edition, Wiley is tackling a question we regularly hear—“Is Direct Mail Dead?”

Is Direct Mail Dead?

Direct mail may not seem to be working as well as it once did, but it is NOT DEAD! Executed well, direct mail continues to be the foundational channel that generates the majority of direct response giving for most organizations.

While much has changed in communicating with donors with the addition of modern multi-channel opportunities, direct mail continues to be the primary channel upon which each of these other channels build.

However, today you have to do everything right in order to be successful . . .

Such as mailing to the right people and having a clear, compelling offer. Quality creative writing and design, proper coding, segmentation, and tracking are additional key components to a successful direct mail program. Well executed, direct mail should be the backbone of your fundraising efforts.

The rewards for doing it right will result in an effective direct mail campaign that will dramatically boost income across all channels. Please don’t exclude it from your fundraising arsenal just because some are saying that direct mail is dead!

Direct mail is alive and well, especially as an integral part of a multi-channel fundraising program.

Submit your question at www.douglasshaw.com/askwiley.

We look forward to helping you continue your work of being a part of what is right in the world!

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