December 26, 2021 Doug Shaw

It seems to me that for some reason, the Creator of the Universe thought it best we have the capability to remember the past—but He did not build into us the innate ability to see into the future. So, “ringing out the old year” has always come much more naturally to me than “ringing in the new.”

As for “ringing out the old year,” there was plenty about 2021 that, I’m certain many would agree, we could have done without…but the incredible response from donors to very worthy causes is not one of them! When I look at the organizations we serve, the continued level of giving they’ve received through all direct response channels (e.g. direct mail, digital, and broadcast), I stand in awe at the sustained levels of generosity that began in 2020 and continued on into 2021!

As we know, increased giving to great causes means significantly more impact for good in our neighborhoods, cities, countries, and this fascinating world God has entrusted to us.

I am also in awe of YOU! Isn’t it wonderful that together, we have the privilege of serving as colleagues who are co-laboring in causes, organizations, ministries, and companies that are part of what is right with the world?

May the ongoing acts of human kindness, and the surprising generosity of people who are committed donors, be an integral part in making 2022 a “Happy New Year!”

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