November 23, 2021 Douglas Shaw & Associates

What can you still implement to make your year-end fundraising yield even better results? Join us for a FREE webinar on December 1st at 12:00 PM CST as we look at proven, last-minute strategies and tools you can easily implement to boost your year-end giving. These ideas can be applied across multiple channels.

There’s still time to change course for greater results this year! During this webinar, we will look at:

      • Last-minute year-end email campaign strategy
      • Multichannel efforts to engage, thank, and retain donors
      • Copy edits that will enhance your donation and landing pages
      • Website and landing page changes that can increase donations
      • Digital advertising to drive more traffic to your website

The calendar year-end is here—and on average, as cited by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, statistics show that organizations receive 41% of their charitable giving in the month of December! Join us for this FREE webinar to identify what last-minute items you can apply to boost your year-end.


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