April 10, 2019 Wiley Stinnett

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Question: What should I be looking for when hiring a Director of Development?

Answer: Hire someone who has a proven track record of having raised funds before that fits with your organization or ministry.

You may think that this answer is too simplistic, but it’s true and when combined with these additional criteria, will help you fill your position and raise the funds you need:

    • Your ideal candidate will have experience with an organization that is similar in nature to yours. Raising funds for a relief and development organization is significantly different than a radio program or a rescue mission. While the basic principles are the same, the nuances can provide many opportunities to stumble.
    • Be clear about the skills you need. If your primary strategies for fundraising are built around direct response, major gifts and events, ensure this new hire has a proven track record in these areas of fundraising and don’t be afraid to ask for specific evidences of success. And if you rely on funding from grants and foundations, ensure they have successfully raised funds through these areas.
    • If this person will have a staff reporting to her/him, ensure she has the proven experience to lead this valuable team.

Finding this crucial member of your team who meets the above criteria will put you on pace to develop and execute the strategy to generate much needed funds to run your ministry.

Wiley Stinnett’s highly successful career in direct response fundraising provides our clients with proven direct response strategies and ideas based on real-world experience. With more than 35 years of experience working with ministries, Wiley continues to provide counsel on how to grow donor relationships and improve direct mail, web, digital, radio, television, and events income.

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