January 25, 2019 Douglas Shaw & Associates

Coming Soon to an Event Near You!

Douglas Shaw & Associates has a long history of participating at industry conferences and events across the country. Our goal is to support others who are making a difference in the world, and be readily available to provide inspired fundraising counsel to your organization.

If you’d like us to come and visit you, or if you’re attending one of these conferences, let us know and we’d love to catch up.

Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) Outcomes Conference April 16–18

“Grow by Getting Technology Out of the Way”
Presented by Keith Cleghorn and Amy Sewell.
April 17th, 1:30—3:00 PM.
“Emerging Trends in Digital, Data and Direct Mail”
Presented by Shelley Cochrane, Mark Mangin, and Amy Sewell.
April 18th, 1:30—3:00 PM.
CityGate Network Annual Conference
June 3–6
Stop by Booth 405

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