August 17, 2023 Amy Sewell

Amy Sewell

Donors are on the go, and their attention is constantly being divided between different companies, advertisers, mobile apps, and more—in addition to everything else life throws at them.

And we’re seeing, now more than ever, the importance of strategically tailoring donor communications to cut through the noise and connect with people in a meaningful way—ultimately growing donor relationships, increasing engagement, and improving fundraising results.

But it all starts with the data . . .

As a fundraiser, I’m sure you know how valuable data analysis is to the success of your mission. We believe you can measure everything—and the subsequent data will highlight areas for growth in effective communication and inform new strategies for the future.

That’s why we want to offer you solid data about the state of the industry, particularly focused on how organizations are interacting with their donors.

We’ve done the research. We audited 70 organizations across a variety of sectors, specifically looking at the donation process and how nonprofits interact with their new donors after the first donation occurs. In the end, the data revealed significant insights.

Here’s a glimpse of what we found:

  • Mobile donation form site speed is still a major issue for nonprofits. The average page load time in our research was 22 seconds. And this matters because conversion rates drop around 4.42% for each additional second of page load time past 5 seconds. (Portant research)
  • Only 6% of nonprofits audited are using texting as a communication channel. This is a huge area of opportunity, as some of the nonprofits we work with saw texting efforts raise donations equal to 75% of what their entire email program did in the fall—without cannibalizing their email program results!

There is so much more information we are excited to share with you! We invite you to sign up today to get your copy of these results.