February 10, 2022 Aubrey Hoeppner

Yes, you read that title correctly . . . and no, we haven’t added an additional line of service. But with so many nonprofits struggling to fill key staff roles, we want to share some of the success we have seen with a few of our client partners . . .

If you are like many nonprofits today, you may be wondering how you will ever get the staff and volunteers you need to fulfill your mission, especially if the role you are trying to fill is incredibly specialized, One tactic we’ve found helpful for some of our partners is running a Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities mean that with an eye-catching ad, and a bit of media budget, you can put your job opportunities right in the news feed of ideal candidates who will also be a good fit in your organization’s culture. We’ve implemented this strategy for partners who had extremely specific job requirements—at times, even requiring the new hire to move overseas—and pinpointed just the candidates they needed. One of our colleagues initially phrased their search as looking for a needle in a stack of needles. But through Facebook ad targeting, hundreds of people with specialized skills have raised their hands to fill their extremely specialized roles.

So, while it may seem out of place to have a staff recruiting article in a newsletter from a direct response fundraising agency, this is one area where we have been able to step in and help the organizations we serve using direct response processes, applied a little differently than normal, to help those we serve succeed.

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