November 5, 2015 Douglas Shaw & Associates

The media loves a good charitable works story during the Christmas season. With cameras and microphones pointed in the direction of many missions and nonprofits, ministry leaders can use media coverage to share a greater message of service that can last well into the new year.

  1. Identify your long-term message. Are you kicking off a larger fundraising effort? Hoping to expand your ministry? Know what message you want to communicate to the audience before the interview begins, and practice several ways to say it.
  2. Have statistics at your fingertips. Media covers charitable organizations at Thanksgiving and Christmas for a reason – but make sure you have the information at hand to show that the need exists year round. Know the costs to serve a meal, provide a bed or offer services to those you serve.
  3. Offer specific ways to help. If your volunteer schedule is jam-packed already, direct the positive energy toward a longer-term goal through online donations, an upcoming project or the support of prayer.
  4. Share stories with an emotional connection. Be able to quickly relate a story that showcases your ministry’s mission with a personal anecdote. Make an emotional connection with the viewers.
  5. Be ready with a “one last thing.” Many reporters will give spokespeople a chance to add one last message at the end of the interview. Know exactly what you want to inspire in your viewers in that 10-second soundbite and give them a call to action. Invite them to visit a website, send a donation or connect via social media.
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