January 13, 2016 Douglas Shaw & Associates

The Live the Give series of employee profiles demonstrates the Douglas Shaw & Associates commitment to serving others both in our professional and personal lives.

Title:  VP, Client Services

Employee Since: 2014

Clients:  MAP International, SIM USA, Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) and AMG International

Where She Gives:  10 organizations, starting with her church and including clients she works with.

“Growing up, we were what you might call an ‘under-resourced’ family – living below the poverty line.  We didn’t have a lot, but we were happy and loved.   My mother was a very generous woman – she taught me early on that generosity has nothing to do with capacity.

“Studies repeatedly show that the most generous people are not the wealthiest – they are those who struggle to make ends meet.  Even as we received help from our church, our family also supported others. There is always someone who has less.

“After I married, both my husband and I worked in nonprofit ministries, and as a family it was important for us to be generous despite a modest income. So many needs in the world can only be met through charitable giving—governments and businesses do not have the ability to solve every problem or help every person. It takes all of us, sharing what we have, to meet the needs we see around us.

“As a family, we sat down at the beginning of each year to set our family budget and giving was an important part of that.  My husband, daughters and I would set a donation goal, determine the specific amounts for the organizations we always support and identify any new causes that captured our interest.

“I’ve always taught my daughters that giving is not from leftover money – it’s one of the first rocks we put in the jar.  As a mother, it’s important that my children have grown up to understand that giving is a necessary and normal way to accomplish important priorities in society. It’s not just when disaster strikes or the unexpected happens. Charitable giving is an essential part of making the world a better place.”