February 21, 2022 Doug Shaw

When I started Douglas Shaw & Associates, I wanted to serve nonprofits that were looking for a partner, not a vendor. I knew that as partners, we could share goals, plans, and most importantly, listen to one another. And now, 27 years later, as customer service levels have eroded across most industries, that commitment to partnership is even more critical in helping the organizations we serve meet their goals to grow and serve more in their communities every year!

It’s this strong partnership with each of our organizations we serve that makes great fundraising results possible. Each of our clients saw extraordinary results in 2020, despite the financial impacts of a global pandemic. But the growth didn’t end there . . . 2021 has been another year of amazing growth. In fact, one organization we work with exceeded their prior year’s income by an additional 27.5%!

How was this possible? Partnership.

We not only worked together to plan a solid fundraising strategy, but we also listened to their ideas and concerns, gave each one “over the top” customer service, and provided the input and insights they expected from us as a trusted partner.

Do you have a partnership like this? We would love to connect with you to discuss your organization’s fundraising needs and determine a path forward to achieving your goals. Together, we can create a custom plan, specific to your mission and vision, that will position you to grow your reach and relationships with those you serve.

I look forward to celebrating your results—and all we were able to accomplish together—this time next year . . . because you, too, deserve a partner who listens.

To start the conversation, contact us today or call (630)-562-1321.

Doug Shaw
Chairman of the Board/CEO
Douglas Shaw & Associates

P.S. Find out how a custom fundraising plan can impact your organization by reaching out to us today. Hopefully, next year we can celebrate you exceeding last year’s income!

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