November 23, 2017 Doug Shaw

I’ve never been one to be able to brag about many appearances on the Honor Roll in school, winning a case full of trophies in sports or accumulating a fistful of merit badges in anything. But one thing I CAN do is smile and give thanks this special season for being able to serve along side some of the most talented fundraising people in the world here at Douglas Shaw & Associates!

Together we have the privilege of serving many highly effective ministries and organizations who work day-in and day-out to ensure hungry people are being fed, the Bible is being rapidly translated and distributed, and the gospel is being preached and broadcast to millions, if not billions of people in this world. As a result of our partnerships with so many exceptional organizations, lost, lonely and hurting people are experiencing the loving embrace of God. As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, you may want to Thank God for all the ministries working tirelessly and faithfully, often behind the scenes, to be part of what is right with the world.

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