February 12, 2018 Douglas Shaw & Associates

Moving Forward is the national radio broadcast ministry of Dr. Stephen Rummage, the senior pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida. Dr. Rummage’s passion is to equip and inspire radio listeners to take the next step forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

With a firm commitment to both evangelism and expository preaching—teaching through the Bible verse by verse—Dr. Rummage is known for vivid illustrations, dynamic storytelling, and practical application. Along with a daily message from God’s Word, each program features an in-studio conversation between Dr. Rummage and co-host, Bill Carl, to help listeners apply what they are learning.

Now broadcasting daily with partners such as the Bott Radio Network, Moody Radio, and Salem Communications, Moving Forward is impacting the daily spiritual lives of listeners across America.

Dr. Rummage is the author of several books including The Shape of Things to Come and Praying with Purpose, as well as a contributing commentator in Exalting Jesus in Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary). As the chairman of the executive committee of the Southern Baptist Convention and the president of the Florida Baptist Convention, Dr. Rummage is widely respected for his leadership, preaching and scholarship by his peers.

It is our great privilege at Douglas Shaw & Associates to partner with Moving Forward as they engage their supporters and continue to expand the reach of their growing broadcast ministry.

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