July 28, 2016 Douglas Shaw & Associates

The Live the Give series of employee profiles demonstrates the Douglas Shaw & Associates commitment to serving others both in our professional and personal lives.

Title: Associate Creative Director

Employee Since: April 2015

Clients:  All Douglas Shaw & Associates clients

Where He Gives:  Dazaga Literacy Program, Chad, Africa (TEAM)

“In 2014, on a trip to Chad, I met missionaries working on a literacy project in the Sahara desert.  These kids were the first generation to have the opportunity to learn to read and write in their tribal language, Dazaga. 

kids-running-to-get-to-school“Traditionally schools are far away from a village and lessons are taught in French (a foreign language to them). Kids would learn French, but would not process any of the information they were taught. This new literacy project brought learning to their village and was in the language they speak every day. It was so exciting to see the kids reading and writing their own language and processing information at the same time!

“This project gripped my heart, and as a graphic designer I knew I could do something.  I had discounted myself from a lot of ministry involvement – I wasn’t a teacher, I’m not a doctor or a theologian.  But I saw an opportunity to help these children learn to read and write and thus open a whole new world for them.

robert-johnson-books“My family and I spent the month of December 2014 in Chad.  We created the outlines for three books – one on desert animals, one on desert insects and one specifically about chameleons.   These books had lots of basic facts and photographs, making it easy for the children to learn contextually.  We’ve published one book already and the next two are in process.

“Today, I’m focused on finding ways to work with students of design to create these books in classes – expanding our impact exponentially as we create more books.”