May 30, 2018 Wiley Stinnett

When you’re constructing a reason for your donors to give to your organization, it often comes down to a simple question: “Why does your organization need the money?” The answer to this question will be discovered when you identify what you and your donors are both passionate about making happen.

While you may really need some new computers or you need gifts for the general fund, those reasons usually won’t resonate with your donors. However, finding a reason to give that truly connects with your donors—meals being provided, Bibles being distributed, reaching people with the gospel—will help the donor better understand the impact their gifts are having on people’s lives.

One way to help your offer connect more to your donors is to use more donor focused language versus organizationally focused language.

Using donor focused language has consistently produced much higher results (response and gifts).

Organizational focus

This year HBM has provided 100,000 pieces of Christian literature, 15,000 inspiring broadcasts, and brought the good news of Jesus Christ to over 15,000,000 people, with over 600 telling us of their professions of faith as a result of our ministry.

HBM has radio programs for men, women, and children and our intention is to reach every person in our listening areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Donor focus

This year, your prayers and your gifts have enabled Heavenly Broadcast Ministries to provide Christ-centered broadcasts to millions of people in our country.

With God’s provision through you, you helped to distribute Christian literature and broadcast hope-filled messages to people in need of Jesus Christ. Because you care and give, we have heard from men, women, and children who have now made personal professions of faith. We thank God for you, and your generous heart.

Every offer you develop and implement, no matter if it’s through mail, email, or social media, you have to ask yourself “What do my donors truly care about?” as opposed to “What do we want them to care about?” A great offer matches what you are doing with the donors’ passion for making it happen.

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