September 4, 2019 Doug Shaw

Inside this Issue: The Giving Season

Huddle up! You’re about to enter the Fourth Quarter of a game you must win! For your donors this is the last of their fiscal year. This is the quarter where they decide where to make their philanthropic gift-giving decisions.

Reading this issue of Donor Focus may provide just the right insights you’ll need to be celebrating on December 31!

Our VP, Digital Solutions, Amy Sewell urges you to be fully ready for the best-producing season for digital donor acquisition . . . that acquires donors AND MAKES MONEY!

Mark Mangin, VP, Data & Analytics has teamed up with Associate Consultant, Adam Petraglia, in helping you to get ready for the Fourth Quarter!

SVP, Client Services, Christa Huff tackles Receipting: Gift Acknowledgement.

And this issue’s Ask Wiley column answers the question: “What if our organization hasn’t done a good job of connecting with first-time donors?”

Everything in this issue is designed to help your organization achieve: RESULTS!

I hope you can enter this critical season knowing you’re fully prepared to maximize your fundraising opportunities!

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