October 14, 2019 Wiley Stinnett

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Ask Wiley


Is there any research to validate the need for direct mail in communication with donors?


Direct mail is still the workhorse of most direct response programs. In fact, direct mail still brings in 8-9 times more money than email each year, according to Blackbaud’s 2018 Next Generation of American Giving report. However, the online giving channel is growing each year. In fact, in 2018 it was up to 8.5% of all fundraising income according to Blackbaud’s 2018 Charitable Giving Report. In Douglas Shaw & Associates’ testing, we have learned that donors who receive multiple impressions via multiple sources have the highest annual giving levels.

So, what’s this telling us? We can no longer look to one channel or another if we want to maximize fundraising potential. It is vital to communicate your offer through multiple channels including both direct mail as well as digital.

Wiley Stinnett’s highly successful career in direct response fundraising provides our clients with proven direct response strategies and ideas based on real-world experience. With more than 35 years of experience working with ministries, Wiley continues to provide counsel on how to grow donor relationships and improve direct mail, web, digital, radio, television, and events income.

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