October 4, 2018 Graham Shaw

Partnerships must be built on a foundation of trust. Be it a relationship between you and those you serve, your donors or an agency like ours, trust is what will define you and your success.

Trust with Your Donors

Donors are looking to give to organizations that offer to work with them to solve a problem—homelessness, hunger, spiritual need, medical recovery. Donors are also looking to give financially to nonprofits that share similar values or principles.

But more than both of those put together, donors are looking for someone they trust. Is my donation going to do what you say it will? Will you tell me about what my gift does? These are questions that your donors ask, because they want to trust you. Communicating this well, regularly (and having them believe you), is therefore critical to your fundraising success.

We’ve had more than 30 years to practice this, and the results are true partnerships and shared successes with the organizations and ministries we serve.

Trust with Your Partners

The same level of trust is needed for your business relationships. Taking a collaborative approach to your fundraising is not a new thing, but it’s one we’re seeing grow in popularity as more and more organizations contact us looking for an agency they can trust.

Looking beyond financial results, we speak regularly with charities, ministries, and other nonprofits that have been hurt, taken for granted, or simply misunderstood. Whatever the reasons, organizations across varying industries are beginning to see the benefits of partnering with a direct response agency like Douglas Shaw & Associates.

By collaborating with our clients, trust is built. From examining their donor data to creating the perfect message—we are able to build meaningful relationships that not only produce results, but make a tangible impact on the world.

Wycliffe Associates is just one of the organizations we serve that has made significant investments in their direct response programs, because they trust our counsel. And by building their trust and working together, God has provided them with the donors and the resources they need to expand their ministry and make a remarkable difference in the world.

Bruce Smith, the President/CEO of Wycliffe Associates, recently shared how Douglas Shaw & Associates are partners in their mission. As I listened to Bruce share his heart for their mission, I was reminded of ours and that we strive to be seen as partners on our client’s journey . . . partners they can trust.

I feel blessed to be serving alongside our partners and together being a part of what’s right with the world.

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