February 10, 2022 Doug Shaw

When Bob Dylan recorded this song in New York City on October 24, 1963, our world was in a state of social upheaval. I was young then, and I didn’t fully grasp much of the meaning of his words at the time.

In writing this column, I decided to go back and re-read his lyrics one more time. But I never expected to experience the reminiscent feelings his words have evoked in me. It seems his song could have been written for today. If you’re curious, go online, and check it out.

Times are indeed changing … which is why this issue of Donor Focus is dedicated to our need— as nonprofit leaders and fundraisers— to adjust quickly to the many changes we are facing today.

Who could have thought that in this day and age, companies would have such difficulty in finding qualified people to fill positions within their organization? And television? . . . Can it be that it has once again become a viable option for promoting our mission and vision?

Being nimble, agile and quick to respond in this unpredictable time is what creates a myriad of opportunities for those who are aware and willing to embrace the ever-changing landscape in which we live . . .

And through it all, may this new year be one of God’s blessings upon you and those you serve!


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