May 30, 2018 Doug Shaw

It’s June already! Good grief! The year’s almost half over!!! For fundraisers you know what this means? It’s time to get ready for your all-important Fall Campaign. I’m sure you know that many, if not most nonprofit organizations receive 50-60% of their annual income during Q4.

So it’s time to get ready . . .

Crazy isn’t it? The 4th of July hasn’t even happened yet, and we’re planning for the fall.

But what can you do to be certain you have an effective Fall Campaign?


With so much riding on the fourth quarter of the year, we need to be absolutely certain of the effectiveness of what we place in front of our donors and those we hope to acquire as new donors.

The good news is: this issue of Donor Focus was created to help you get ready. ☺

Senior staff writer, Douglas Toussaint steps out from behind his keyboard and shares his insights into The Power of YOUR Organizational Story.

Director of Digital Solutions, Amy Sewell is at it again. This time she teams up with Associate Consultant Marissa Miller to help you Find Out What Works. Together they share samples of conclusive tests to help you prepare for giving season.

Even your newsletters can raise significant income. Long-time employee and veteran Consultant Leslie Phillips joins with Associate Consultant, Adam Petraglia to provide you with The 5 “P”s to Newsletter Performance.

And then there’s Wiley Stinnett, resident strategic guru and Executive Creative Director who always asks simple yet critical questions like, Why DO Your Donors Support YOU?

Last but not least, don’t miss out on our FREE webinar scheduled for July 18 at 12:00PM CDT. THE TOPIC: GETTING GREAT RESULTS FROM YOUR CREATIVE.

May God grant you GREAT wisdom as you prepare for your Q4 harvest!

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