August 8, 2016 Douglas Shaw & Associates

Why Should I Give to You” study demonstrates that nonprofits – particularly Christian ministries and colleges/universities are poor responders.

August 8, 2016 – A new study released by NextAfter and Douglas Shaw & Associates found that many nonprofits don’t clearly define their value proposition in interactions with potential donors – which negatively impacts donations and donor relationships.

“This study delves into how well nonprofits and charities can make a case for donation – across all platforms and through every channel of the organization,” said Tim Kachuriak, chief innovation and optimization officer at NextAfter and lead researcher for the study.  “More importantly, it demonstrates real-world tests to illustrate how small changes in communicating the value proposition can radically improve fundraising results.

More than 125 nonprofits were contacted by “mystery donors” through a variety of channels including website inquiries, phone, email and social outreach.  Some highlights:

  • About a third of nonprofits never responded to a potential donor’s email 
  • Only 26 percent of organizations answered email within 48 hours
  • Significant inconsistencies exist between platforms, i.e., a great email response did not equal a compelling donation web page
  • 27 percent of nonprofits had disabled direct messaging on Facebook – limiting their interaction with donors

“The message of “why should we donate to your organization” is at the heart of every outward communication we create for clients, – digital, print, social or email.” said Tom Davidson, creative director for Douglas Shaw & Associates, which sponsored the study.  “But it’s essential that the value proposition can be easily communicated in every interaction.  Donor communication is a two-way street.”

About NextAfter

NextAfter is a fundraising research lab and consultancy that works with cause-driven businesses and nonprofit organizations to help them better understand their customers and inspire their donors to give generously.

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Douglas Shaw & Associates is a fundraising agency that helps ministries and nonprofits share their stories and inspire their donors. We are relationship-builders who listen to your needs and propel your vision through advanced integrated direct marketing and fundraising programs. As industry leaders, we work joyfully, are results-driven and have a passion for the partners we serve and the good work they do.

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