January 25, 2023 Doug Shaw

Maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed how much customer service has degraded? And I’m not just talking a little, but a lot!

Maybe that’s why I place so much importance on partnership and customer service here at Douglas Shaw & Associates. The actual person you talk with won’t just refer you to our website so you can find what you need yourself.

Our staff care about your fundraising goals and will work tirelessly with you to put together the best fundraising strategy possible to help you reach those goals. To us, that’s what a true partner does . . . we’re in it together to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

That’s more than just doing what passes for customer service today.

We’ve been here for over 28 years, and we’re not going to change names, consolidate with another agency, or succumb to any of the flashy trends affecting our industry. We place too much importance on partnership and customer service to allow that to happen.

I’ve found that client results suffer when we’re asked to be a vendor instead of a partner. The magic happens when we work together, as partners, to help our clients meet or exceed their fundraising goals.

You don’t have to be your own advocate! We would be honored to be your advocate. Contact us today or call 630.562.1321.

I trust you will be pleasantly surprised when you reach out. Thanks for being part of what’s right with the world.

Doug Shaw
Chairman of the Board/CEO
Douglas Shaw & Associates