February 25, 2016 Douglas Shaw & Associates

This week, Facebook unveiled a new set of resources for nonprofits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), good for both the newbie and the more sophisticated social media user.

At the basic level, this is a great resource for common definitions and how to use your page to connect with people. But the real value comes from two new features.

First, Facebook offers a link to register your nonprofit to be notified when they release new donation tools that are currently in beta testing.  These tools will help donors make contributions within the Facebook platform, versus having to link to another donation page.

Second, there’s a wealth of case studies of nonprofits and NGOs who have leveraged the power of Facebook to accomplish great change – always helpful to have illustrative best practices.

These new Facebook tools are a great starting point for many nonprofit social media managers who need to master the basics and leverage the world of resources and reporting metrics available on the site.

And it serves as a one-stop reference for basic questions on Facebook (e.g. – what are Facebook Insights?  What is a boosted post vs. an ad? What’s the difference between a Facebook page and a group?).

The one downfall is that despite its library of case studies, the new Facebook nonprofit site is lacking strategy for your individual charity. That can only come from experience, knowledge and understanding of the particular needs of your nonprofit.

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