August 11, 2017 Wiley Stinnett

Outbound telemarketing must be considered as a key part of your strategy. Yes, some say it no longer works, but that’s not true. Properly executed, telemarketing not only generates significant net revenue, but dramatically impacts the results of all other channels as well. Phone calling can be especially effective when chasing a direct mail effort. And you’ll see a boost in response to the mailing in addition to the calling revenue.

Telemarketing is one of the few channels that gives you the flexibility of adjusting your messaging on the fly. By monitoring hourly results you can stop calling, adjust your messaging, and then resume calling to maximize response. And remember to keep your telemarketing script messaging consistent with each of the other channels you’re using.

If you have more questions about how you can incorporate an outbound telemarketing campaign into your year-end strategy, please reach out to us with your questions!

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