February 7, 2023 Shelley Cochrane

Shelley Cochrane

As stewards responsible for thousands of donors, these relationships may feel overwhelming, even in optimistic seasons. But nagging uncertainty has the potential to make the burden even heavier.

I invite you to reflect on this question: What can we count on?

Well, here’s some good news:

  • Donors give in good times and bad. People shared resources during world wars, depressions and recessions, and throughout any number of catastrophic human events.
  • Donors of all capacities—from very poor to very wealthy—give generously to meaningful causes. Why? Because empathy is universal to the human experience. We encourage you to strengthen your offer and consider these fundraising tips because they will help you connect with donors’ hearts.
  • Donors feel good when they give. When asked what motivates them to donate, they say, “It makes me feel like a good person.” Some donors even said the giving experience gave them a “rush of joy” the moment they decided to donate. That’s why it’s so important to communicate a strong offer through proven tactics with consistency—because it reinforces your donors’ sense of satisfaction in being part of what’s right with the world.

So as you face your to-do list, I invite you to focus your energy on this: The human connection of empathy and the personal reward from giving to a good cause remain constant, regardless of the turbulence swirling around us. Make a commitment to stay the course, and be sure to savor the uplifting human bond forged through giving to others.

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