October 20, 2017 Doug Shaw

Here’s a great opportunity for you to significantly boost your income before the calendar changes to January 2018. It is relatively inexpensive for the amount of money it raises and ANYBODY can do it.

We’ve developed a “major donor” direct mail package that works for mid-level and major donors on your donor file. We usually mail it to:

  • Donors who have given a gift within the last 12 months
  • Donors with a largest gift of $250+ (depending on the ministry’s donor file size); smaller organizations tend to mail $100+
  • Individuals only, although some ministries choose to include corporations and foundations


You can also choose to follow up this mailing with a phone call, asking each person mailed: (make certain you allow enough time for the proposal to arrive in donor’s home/office)

  • Did you receive our proposal?
  • Do you have any questions?
  • Do you think you’ll be able to help?

By using this proposal format, you will generate a greater likelihood of having your communication opened and reviewed . . . and enjoy a boost in direct response income at year-end!


The physical components of this package as pictured are:

The idea is to ask the larger donors on your donor file to consider a gift for a very specific project, including a listing of what items are included in the total amount being sought:

  • Repairs to kitchens, deck, and barn
  • Refreshing of canoes
  • Repairs to climbing wall, tennis and basketball courts
  • Construction of storage shed and gazebo
  • Purchase of fork lift and other specialty equipment
  • Purchase of camp truck

The project costs should be listed:

$132,000 for repairs and purchases
$46,620 for camp truck with snow plowing capabilities

Total cost for project:  $178,620


1,768 Donors Mailed

$941.09 Average Gift

89 Responses

$11.78 ROI ($11.78 received for every $1.00 spent)

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