October 20, 2017 Douglas Shaw & Associates

The end of the year is so close, you can almost smell the burnt debris from the fireworks and you’re still sweeping up the confetti. But it’s not so close that you don’t have enough time to drop the perfect Money Bomb to ensure outstanding needs are met before the clock strikes midnight on December 31. All it takes is one day and the five steps we’ve outlined to execute the perfect Money Bomb.

  1. FIND THE URGENCY: A tangible need (money for meals, winter coats, etc.) that needs to be met NOW and every donor on your file can provide.
  2. BUILD A CONSISTENT MESSAGE: Construct a consistent message across all channels that doesn’t confuse or split the donor’s attention to give NOW. Include an automated Progress Bar in your communications and on the landing page to compel donors to get involved.
  3. INCLUDE ALL CHANNELS: Integrate your messaging into Social Media, Emails, Homepage Banners, Pop-Up Ads, & Facebook Ads.
  4. SCHEDULE STRATEGICALLY: Space your execution times and target Emails and Social Media posts for high traffic times.
  5. MONITOR RESULTS AND ADJUST: Keep an eye on your progress in real time, so you can make adjustments as you near your goal.

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