December 21, 2020 Graham Shaw

I miss seeing people.

Of course, I’ve enjoyed being with my family more this year—at times, all day, every day, for weeks at a stretch! But I miss the ongoing personal interaction with what I consider my “extended family” of friends, colleagues, clients, and others who normally fill up our days—especially in this business of serving others, serving God, and being part of what’s right in the world. Because we are a family.

And Christmas is for family.

So, I encourage you to take a moment this Christmas—or take several!—to reach out to everyone you can, virtually or (safely) otherwise. Because we are not alone, not really. We have each other, still. We need each other, always. Particularly when separated by circumstances like 2020’s unprecedented global pandemic.

And when you reach out to your own extended family this Christmas season, it’s my hope that you thoroughly enjoy it.  As you know, we’re all in this together—this year and, honestly, every year—no matter what happens or what may come.

Because, God alone knows what the future holds…  I’m just so VERY grateful to be able to serve so many organizations who are in the “front lines” of the battles against hunger, homelessness and hopelessness.  And this year, let me add, that me and my family are particularly grateful for each and every person who provides medical care, assisted living services, food and shelter, as well as every man and woman in uniform who risks themselves so others may live in peace.  Merry Christmas.

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