More Rules of Fundraising


More Rules of Fundraising — a continuation of The Rules of Fundraising — is an authoritative guide for nonprofits. Written by Douglas K. Shaw, Founder/Chairman of the Board and CEO of Douglas Shaw & Associates, this book provides insights from years of assisting organizations around the country.

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“For a guy who doesn’t like rules, I sure seem to spend a lot of time writing about them! Sheesh! So I guess I should tell you why I wrote a second volume. Quite simply, I was asked to do it by many of those who read Volume I.

So, Volume II contains another 35 rules that experienced fundraisers know and use (that would be rules #36-70). But this volume gets a little more personal. It speaks to the damage an ineffective CEO can inflict upon a ministry, the great gifts an effective CEO brings, and it doesn’t stop there. I figure as long as I’m telling ALL of the secrets fundraising consultants know, I might as well get into the real dicey stuff. Most of all, I hope Board members, CEOs, and Development Officers don’t know where I live! Happy reading!”

– Douglas K Shaw


Douglas Shaw has been working in the field of direct response fundraising for over 30 years. During this time, he found it necessary to gather wisdom from making mistakes. He decided he could be a help to board members of nonprofits by giving them a guidebook of best practices, to CEO’s an insight into the complex world of development, and to the development officer a set of rules that can guide them into the best practices of their craft without having to make all the mistakes that he and his colleagues have endured throughout their decades of service. The Rules of Fundraising emanate from Shaw’s own personal journey of being born into dire poverty to working with presidents and celebrities, all for the good of fulfilling the missions of the hundreds of not-for-profit organizations. Shaw’s commitment is to open the book on direct response fundraising to any and all who want to learn to the fine art of fundraising by understanding the basic “rules” or tenets that exist and must be followed in order to be involved with a successful fundraising program. Nothing is held back, no secrets are reserved for higher paying customers. If followed, these rules will revolutionize any organization’s development program.