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[text_output]For more than 23 years, the team at Douglas Shaw & Associates has been partnering with nonprofits and Christian-based ministries to improve their fundraising potential.

Who are we?

We are the industry leaders in nonprofit fundraising—strategic thinkers, storytellers, and innovators who are full of faith, and passionate supporters of your cause.

Whether you’re seeking to have a greater impact in the world or foster more meaningful relationships with those you serve, success for your organization starts with your donor.

Finding more donors and better donors for you is what Douglas Shaw & Associates is all about.

We do this through a rigorous pursuit of results and a relentless passion for creativity. Unlike many others, we see ourselves as partners on the journey with you; not simply a vendor.

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask any of our clients and they will tell you that it’s this philosophy that keeps them growing, breaking new ground, and realizing their vision sooner.

Contact us today using the form on this page, and let us walk this road with you.[/text_output]

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