GREAT Fundraising Results Are Closer than You Think!

Organizations that rely on the generosity of donors to fulfill their missions are constantly searching for ways to improve their fundraising results . . .

Here are some of the fantastic results we have helped our partners achieve . . .

    • 142% Increase In Revenue Over Prior Year.
      On Average, The Causes We Represented In 2020 Exceeded Their Prior Year’s Income By 142%!
    • $6.37 Average ROI From Digital Acquisition.
      This Number Shows The Phenomenal Digital Acquisition Results Our Clients Experienced This Past Fall.
    • $361.77 Annual Donor Value.
      This Is An Actual Number For One Of The Nonprofit Partners We Serve.
    • 33% Above Industry Retention Rates.
      One Nonprofit Partner We Serve Is Seeing Its Retention Rate Soar 33% Above Industry Retention Rates!

Your donors are unique to you. So why not participate in a fundraising program designed especially for you and your donors?

Results like the above are within your reach if you practice sound fundraising principles and partner with an agency that delivers consistent, industry-leading results.

At Douglas Shaw & Associates, we believe you have unique qualities that set you apart from the industry average. True partnership will inspire your donors to give generously for maximum impact. We want your donors to love hearing from you!

Let Douglas Shaw & Associates partner with your organization and help you build and implement a custom direct response strategy that brings GREAT RESULTS!

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Your Fundraising Questions: ANSWERED!

*Results based on comparisons against the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, a report card released by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.