Projecting Fundraising Revenue in the Wake of COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected all of us profoundly. It changed the way we serve the public, interact with coworkers, and even the way we fundraise. So, as we seek to learn from the data, how do we measure the impact of COVID-19 on our fundraising programs?

First, you start by establishing a baseline and then using that to help you project what your more ‘normal’ 2021 will look like. Use the calculator below to help you estimate what you can expect in the coming year for your organization. With these values in hand, you are in a much better position to begin making decisions about how to approach your fundraising campaigns in 2021 and beyond. You will have a better understanding of your holistic number and what areas you will need to increase in order to make up any deficits. And ultimately, you can see that your donors should always be a key focus in your planning.

Historical Performance

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