2024 Donor Experience Scorecard Webisode Series

We are excited to release the 2024 Donor Experience Scorecard, a research study focusing on donor communication—more specifically, how nonprofits connect with new donors in their first few months on the donor file. This is a critical time in the donor journey because it’s often when donors are “testing the waters” to learn more and make the decision to become long-term supporters of that organization.

By examining the practices of 75 nonprofit organizations, we wanted to identify trends, challenges, and success stories in omnichannel donor communications. We hope these findings provide valuable lessons that can guide nonprofits like yours in fostering meaningful connections with your donors, ultimately helping you contribute to an even greater impact in being a part of what is right with the world.

We’ve also created a supplemental miniseries to dive deeper into our findings and share key trends and highlights with you. Each episode is designed to be a quick snippet of critical information to equip your organization with actionable insights. Watch individually as you have time or watch the whole series.

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  • EPISODE 1: Donor Communication Trends and Highlights
  • EPISODE 2: The Importance of a Mailed Receipt
  • EPISODE 3: How Quickly Do You Report Donor Impact?
  • EPISODE 4: Practical Communication Strategies
  • EPISODE 5: Here’s Your #1 Takeaway

We trust this content helps you accomplish your fundraising goals and propels your organization forward.